Decoding Supply Chain Disconnection: Examining Supplier & Retailer Relationships

Published by RELEX

In the wake of global disruptions, changing consumer buying habits, and ongoing inflation, there is a critical need for visibility and communication between suppliers and retailers.  However, both vendors and retailers often find collaboration time-consuming and difficult, particularly when the data being shared is often inconsistent or unactionable.

Join RELEX Solution’s Jukka Uskonen, Vice President, Consumer Packaged Goods at RELEX Solutions, and featured guest from Forrester, George Lawrie for a closer look at the benefits of collaboration and the roadblocks that both suppliers and retailers are finding as they attempt to establish communication to improve outcomes and better support end consumers.

The panel will discuss:

  • Which supplier/retailer collaboration challenges have surfaced in the wake of recent supply chain disruptions
  • How market leaders are leveraging technology to promote visibility and collaboration across the supply chain
  • How consumer goods companies can access necessary forecasting data and best use it to make actionable future plans

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